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See below for the content guidelines and submission form …

Content guidelines, show format and technical specs

Follow these guidelines and technical specs for your episodes …

Show Format

  • Half hour shows (28:30) should contain 22:30 minutes of content
  • Content divided into 4 segments with 3 internal 2 minute Commercial Breaks
  • Each segment should be at least 4 minutes long
  • Commercial breaks – Producer takes the first 2 Breaks, Network owns the 3rd Break
  • All commercial breaks should be contained within show content

Content Guidelines

  • Video – All footage should be acquired using professional cameras, in color, and be properly exposed. Industry standards and accepted norms of professional camera work shall be exhibited at all times.
  • Audio – Audio must be mixed on both channels in stereo, fully mono compatible, and be in proper phase. Audio levels should be consistent throughout the show. Audio should hit around -12dB and peak no higher than -6dB as indicated on the audio meter in your editing software. Episodes where audio is not consistent or mixed properly may be rejected.

Branding (TV Bug)

Show logos may be placed in the lower left hand corner of the screen. The bottom right is reserved for the HUNT CHANNEL bug only and is integrated into all programming during air from our broadcast facility

Music Licensing

It is the responsibility of the producer to ensure all music contained in the show, both show content as well as embedded commercials, is licensed for use on online platforms.

Technical Specifications

In order to ensure adequate quality of content delivered to viewers, we recommend using Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro to edit and encode your episodes. The following standards are minimum specs required to ensure there is enough quality in the source.

Video Format: NTSC
Video Dimensions: 1920×1080  – 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Video Encoding Format: MPEG 4 AVC/H.264, 10 Mbps, MP4 wrapper
Audio Encoding Format: AAC, 48 Khz, Stereo, 192 Kbps

Delivery Instructions

Episodes must be delivered no later than 7 days prior to the day it airs. Your first episode is due TWO WEEKS in advance! This will ensure your episode is checked for quality, and prepared for broadcast in a timely manner. Upload your content to your choice of file sharing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer and follow the steps below for content submission.

Show Submission

Files should not contain slates or bars and tones or countdowns. The entire show, including all three commercial breaks (2 minutes of ONLY BLACK should be included as a place holder for the 3rd network owned commercial break) should be exported as one complete file, and should be a total run time of 28:30.

Be sure to give each episode its own unique Title. Each video file should be named with the Show Title, Episode # and Episode Title.

Prior to submitting your first episode, you’re encouraged to send a short 10 second clip to allow us to quickly review your format and technical specs and approve or recommend changes. Short clips of 10 seconds or less will be small enough to email to us at

Submit your content

Use this form to submit your show. We’ll get an email and your information will also be automatically added into our workflow system. This will help us track your content and ensure everything is handled in a timely manner.

Even if you’re not sending us a new episode, please submit the form for every week you air. If you would like to re-air an episode, enter your Show Title, the Episode Title and provide Traffic Instructions to let us know what episodes to air.
  1. Enter your show title … “Backwoods Life TV’
  2. Enter this episode’s title … “Florida Pimp Limp Gobbler”
  3. Enter your show description. This is required for your content to be loaded into the MyOutdoorTV system!
  4. Paste the download link for this episode … from Google Drive or Dropbox or whatever you use for sending your files. If you’re not sending a new episode, leave this blank.
    PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to set your files accessible to everyone so there’s no permissions issues with downloading files. Also, we cannot accept links to shared folders. We have to receive a download link for each individual episode. 
  5. Enter the air year
  6. Enter the Season number for this episode. If this is your Season 7 … this is what you enter here.
  7. Enter the Episode number for this episode. If this is episode 7 (regardless of what week) of your current season … this is what you enter here.
  8. Enter the air quarter
  9. Enter the week in which this episode is intended to be aired.
  10. Give us notes … if you wish to re-air an episode, etc.
  11. Enter your email address, so we can let you know if there are issues
  12. Verify you’re not a robot
  13. Click Submit

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